Let's Free the Plant

A joint initiative to support cannabis policy reform. Dedicated to HBCUs & POC. Led by SSDP & Student MMJ.

Right now, there is a unique opportunity to end the
War on Drugs.

We are officially launching a dedicated outreach program for HBCU students and alumni interested in impacting change within the cannabis and psychedelic industries.

Whether it is being suspended for a small amount of cannabis, being harassed by campus police, or not feeling empowered to call for help during a drug-related emergency, many students have witnessed the harms caused by the drug war on their college campuses and their communities.

Our new partnership between SMART and SSDP brings together two of the leading college organizations focused on empowering students to impact change on their campus and local community through grassroots organizing, policy efforts, and professional development.

Learn about the joint initiative between SMART & SSDP

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Get your hands on our exclusive merchandise today! Our debut collection features artwork created by Rhode Island-based designer, Fallen Cargo // Ally Thatcher. 25% of proceeds go to The JUSTUS Foundation.

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Are you ready to join the movement? All community members are welcome.

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Head to StudentMMJ.com & SSDP.org for more information and updates.
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